BARNEY'S Orlando

  1. I noticed there is a Barney's in Orlando but it's called "Barney's Outlet"...thats like the only place that carries Bbags in Orlando, Florida.

    Is it an outlet store? If so, I guess I shouldn't be keeping my hopes up that there's gonna be a lot of styles to choose from.

    I am visiting there in May so I'm checking where to shop for Balenciaga....

    anyone know of this place or other places that sell Bbags there? thx !~
  2. I just searched the "Stores now carrying Bbags..." thread and found that there is a Neiman Marcus in Orlando that carries Balenciaga.
  3. Hi JY81,
    I shop in Orlando and Neiman Marcus in the mall at Millenia has BBags, But you have to ask for them as they have them all in a drawer! :sad: NONE out on display! not sure how they will sell any doing that.
    Where is the Barney's outlet in Orlando?
  4. ^DARN IT!!:push:

    LOL... I just got back from Orlando and I couldn't find Balenciaga bags anywhere!! I really wanted to try on some styles in person!! I asked at a bunch of places, but no one seemed think they had any. I was at NM, but I can't remember whether I asked there too, or not???

    The Barney's is just an outlet and didn't really have a huge selection of things in general. The handbags were all the Barney's brand, I think? Barney's outlet is at the Prime Outlets over by 535.
  5. I just called Barneys outlet and asked if they have any Balenciaga handbags in, It was a guy sa I spoke to and he said no sorry we only carry Barney's handbags. weird.....did he know what he was talking about? or don't Barneys carry Balenciaga?
  6. Sounds like the Barneys *Outlet* store only carries Barney's handbags. That seems to jibe with what Bags4Bubbles found.

    I suppose the Outlet doesn't get any of the designer handbags. Barney's probably prefers to mark down the designer bags in their regular stores rather than shift them to the Outlet stores. Or maybe the designers don't allow their products to be sold in the Outlet stores.
  7. that's really weird cause on this shopping site that I use, it says that bbags are carried there.

    i'll post the link when i get home cause im at work now.
  8. If they do sell BBags there, does anyone know if they ship?
  9. The Barney Outlet in Orlando was in the Premium Outlets that is down by Disney. There wasn't ANYTHING in there, clothes, shoes, handbags, or otherwise, even remotely interesting when I stopped in. Everything I saw there was the "Barney's" brand - there were no designer items. :shrugs: The store was just kind of big, open, sparce, and boring. Sorry, that is my honest opinion.

    There's a Saks Off Fifth over at the Prime Outlets, but I don't know what they had there, I mean I am pretty sure they don't have bbags at Off Fifth, but I mean selection in general. :smile:

    I asked practically every department store down there about bbags, and didn't turn up anything. I think NM was the first store I hit - so I think I just went through the handbag section and didn't ask anyone about it. I nevered dreamed they would have them stowed away in a drawer somewhere. :cursing:
  10. Yeah the stowed away in a drawer thing really made me mad, so I'm thinking I may just go to NM this weekend and tell them that a friend was wanting to purchase some bbags from this NM but didn't because she didn't think you had any!!!!! maybe that will make them understand that they are losing sales!!:cursing:
  11. I didn't see any, but then again - I didn't ask if they had any in a drawer some place. :rolleyes:

    ^ (LOL... that was a joke.) ;)

    Anyhow - thanks for the link to the site. Good concept. I pulled up what they had in MI, and it says that there is Balenciaga in Birmingham, MI - but doesn't give a store???? Come on MI ladies - give it up!!! I want to know where there is Balenciaga in Birmingham, that would be alot better then dealing with the NM in Troy... I had really wondered if one of those stores down there could order, but now this gives me hope!! :smile: