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  1. I know this may not be the right place to post. Since I think this is one of the most popular board in the whole forum, I want more people to see it and help me.

    I placed an order from Barneys website and just saw the status becomes"preparing for shipping". Do you think this really mean the merchandise is confirmed to be in stock and will be shipped to me? As I had two orders canceled a week after the date I ordered, I am really scared it will be canceled again, though the status says "preparing for shipping". Does anyone have such experience before? What's the status shown right after placing an order?
  2. Haven't ordered from Barney's online store before. Sorry, villagegirl :sad:... Hope your order goes through!:woohoo:
  3. It still could be canceled. I would call the customer service number to see if the item is actually in stock. The inventory stinks at Barneys and is not usually up to date. Online orders are fulfilled by the Madison Avenue store and the warehouse. So, sometimes you will place an order and it ends up being sold out. I have been canceled on several times even though my status said "preparing to ship", so I would just call customer service and verify that the order is actually going to be fulfilled. If they cancel it, get the SKU/UPC and call one of the other Barneys locations in the nation and they will tell you if any are available. Hope that helps!
  4. You are awesome!!!!! I just called the Madison Ave store and was told they have it. Though they don't have the color I want, it is still really cool to fulfill the order. I will call their website tomorrow to cancel the web order. Billion thanks to you:tup:
  5. I ordered a pair of SFAM jeans on and i had the same thing...preparing to ship. This morning i checked and they cancelled my order. I called to find out why and they said they didn't have any more. I think that is so annoying that Barneys doesn't stock things on their website. It shouldn't be on there if they don't physically have it.:cursing:

    Good to hear you found your item...i guess i am SOL. :tdown:
  6. I had a similiar situation happen....glad it worked out for you trulyobsessed.
  7. I was able to track down the same pair of jeans at their San Francisco store and they did a charge send...Now im waiting to get them!! :yahoo:
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