barneys opening in SF?

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  1. i drove by and thought i saw a barneys store being constructed... did i see right? anyone know when i'll be opening?
  2. yea, it's been there for awhile. if i can remember correctly, it's opening spring 2007.

    i'll doublecheck when I'm there this weekend
  3. yup, spring of 2007 where the old FAO shawrtz used to be!
    how exciting, they will be carrying balenciaga amongst other brands.....more shopping for me. Wonder how that is going to effect NM sales since they dont accept alot of forms of payment. which is the num #1 reason I dont go there.
  4. yup, i believe it's Spring 2007..
    can't wait:smile:
  5. fantastic! woo hoo can't wait! thanks ladies for the info! :smile:
  6. Yay! I heart the Barney's outlet in Napa already :roflmfao:
  7. Can't WAIT for Barney's in SF! First Bloomie's, now Barney's ... shopping heaven! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. ^ I agree!! I think SF has everything now!
  9. I envy you lot!!:drool:
  10. NO! I graduate in June! Argggh... Hopefully it'll open around March...