Barneys NYC

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  1. I posted this at TFS and thought you guys might be interested, as well...

    Just popped over to Barneys at lunch. I work right next door and what with the explosion on 62nd street this morning, it was completely tourist-free. Plus when I start to get stressed out about my job, it's nice to go fondle the bbags.

    Sooo...they had some non-moto bags on sale. Some shoulder bags with the boobie pockets on the front. Some other shoulder bags with the hook hardware (but somehow different from hook bags). Also a few moto bags: two satin moto bags -- like the clutch with a strap (one lilac, one light blue), some boobie coin purses (apple green and something else) and some shoe bags (light blue and teal). Oh, and lastly there was a bag similar to Kimair's four-pocket bag non-moto, but it was more twiggy-shaped and tan/camel colored. Sorry if my descriptions are confusing...

    As for the regular priced bags, I really wanted to try a weekender on because I am obsessed as of two days ago, but all they had was last season's camel and it was really veiny and crunchy so I didn't even bother. As far as the leather, the sapin was gorgeous, as was the grenat, although the grenat was a little shinier. Both were soft and thick, though. The greige was way greyer than I had expected. I don't think I loved it. And I was surprised at the truffle -- it had more red and yellow in it. I thought it was a more mushroom-y brown. Oh, and anyone who is interested in ink -- they had a lot of it left and some rouille, too.
  2. I was just there on Saturday (left yesterday but was staying mid-town so we just missed the explosion). I posted about it but I bought a Truffle City (which they had behind the counter in its dust bag, not sure what was up with that) and I don't see any red or yellow in it. I think the "brown gravy" description fits it well. Still not sure I love it.

    Did you see that teal green First? What is the name of that color? I'd kill to have that in a City. Not sure if it's an old color or what (my oh-so helpful SA insisted the color was called GREEN).

    Oh, I didn't love the Greige either.
  3. I didn't mean necessarily that it really looked like red or yellow, just that I had expected it to be a very dusty medium brown, and instead it is deeper and brighter than I thought it would be.
  4. I gotcha. I've heard others say that it looks green/yellow. My desk here is a very dark brown (almost black) walnut. When I put it up to that, I do start to see a bit of red.
  5. thanks so much for the update girl, isn't that so scarey about the explosion in nyc?!?!...i know someone @ my office who was stuck underground in the subway for 1 & 1/2 hours :hrmm:
  6. Glimmer ...

    You won't be finding a TEAL colored bag this season ... that was a couple of seasons ago. You would only find something like that through the forum here or eBay (or a consignment shop if you are really lucky).

    Check out this website -, as she lists all the colors by Year/Season, so it will give you a good idea of what's current.
  7. They had BOOBIES!!!! I'm in the hunt for them ... I already have the Apple Green, do you remember the other color?
  8. I'm sorry -- I really can't remember what the other one was. Maybe give them a call? I think they were marked down to $99.
  9. Okey-dokey ... think I'll call my local S/A and have them 'work' for their commission :graucho: :lol: !!
  10. CeeJay, thanks for that link! My mistake, it wasn't teal--it was definitely the emerald green for S/06 that I saw at Barney's. I don't know why I said teal. In any event, I loved it! I don't care for the First or I would have definitely bought it.
  11. OMG, somebody's gotta get that emerald first, they're beautiful :greengrin:
  12. I didn't notice an emerald first, but I was mainly checking out the sale stuff and the new colors, so I definitely could've missed it.
  13. what did they have in ink? any cities/firsts/days??
  14. ^NM in Paramus NJ had lots of inks last night - first, day, work
  15. abby, thanks for the letting us know. hang in there... you'll find your weekender! :girlsigh:
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