Barneys NYC

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  1. So I am looking and calling around for a courier and while speaking to a SA at BNY, she said their Bbags are going on sale for 35% off in two weeks. She said the mini bowlings are going on sale and the whistle bags. She said she had white, red, black and brown in the mini bowling.

    I just thought I would pass it along.
  2. thanks so much for the info!
  3. No problem.

    I hope some of us can get those bags for a great price!
  4. I would like to clarify that the only styles going on sale are the mini bowling and the whistle. Is that correct?

  5. Yes, that is what the lady told me. She said none of the moto bags are going to go on sale.
  6. Hmm, I just called and they said they never had the mini bowling? I even emailed the SA a photo to make sure.? Can anyone confirm they did carry this style?
  7. I'm not completely sure but I think I've seen the mini bowling at Barney's before. Some of the SAs there aren't very knowledgable about Balenciaga...Last time I was there the lady working in the B-bag section didn't even know what the First was :confused1:
  8. :confused1: the mini bowling is part of the motorcyle collection? :confused1:

  9. Can anyone confirm they've ever carried this style. I've been a busy girl. I've called 4 Barneys and sent photos of the mini moto to SA's that claim they are the BBag experts and none have ever seen this bag there?? HELP I want a Truffle :crybaby:
  10. Z&J sounds like you seriously in love with your new MB ... I can't wait until I get mine on Monday.
  11. I cant wait to see pictures!!

  12. Can you tell I have a touch of OCd ;)
  13. You wanted brown right?

    I am going to make a couple of call tomorrow for a friend I work with, if I hear anything, I will let you know.
  14. I've never seen any of the Bowling/Mini bowling styles at Barneys.

    Yes - it is part of the motorcycle line. It's a possiblity that this style is being discontinued - there was no talk about it at the Bal NY trunk show whatsoever.

    Good luck on your search! Have you tried Neiman Marcus? They have the Bowling/Mini bowling styles on sale.

  15. I have and thanks! NM only bought the mini in black white and grenat. (bought the grenat and black) Would really love something truffle.