"barney's" nyc stock update 9/15/07

  1. here's what i saw today gals :okay:

    tomato GSH brief
    tomato GSH city
    tomato GSH envelope
    tomato RH work
    tomato RH first
    juane RH hobo/day
    juane RH city
    juane coin purse*
    ocean SGH besace
    pine SGH brief
    pine SGH city
    vert fonce SGH brief
    violet make-up
    violet coin purse*
    cinnamon first
    cinnamon RH WE
    grenat RH work
    black SGH city
    large sienna matelasse

    (* = ummmmmm, i think i saw these :shrugs:)
  2. Hmmmmm.....that Violet make up sound great! But what am I thinking? I have more bags and make ups than I can ever get around to carrying. Hope someone gets it!
  3. Juane City is sofa king tempting!
  4. Thanks for posting, bama:heart:

    I'm very, very tempted to get something in Jaune....:p
  5. I'd love to see a pic of the Pine GSH City...I'm gonna have to do a search on this:graucho:
  6. Thanks aaallabama! :winkiss:I'm gonna try for the violet make-up. Wish me luck!!
  7. i bought the jaune coin purse! thanks!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    they still have one in violet and pine (i think??). good luck!
  8. i just bought a violet coin purse!
  9. congratulations!! i know you were upset over your lost FB one. hope this makes up for it somewhat!!
  10. Thanks pluiee.. yes I am upset over the FB one. *sigh* However, no use crying, when I have a beautiful violet one on it's way! Yay!
  11. Does anyone know if Barneys has any more violet coin purses available?
  12. ^^ I just saw one today. Call my SA Andie (she's usually at Fashion Jewelry) and tell her I sent you.

    Ugh, That was a bad visit today. Picked up a Jaune RH Day for a friend and the new Pine RH city, and have a Jaune RH city on hold. VERY BAD. Andie is too good to me.
  13. I love to have the Violet MU, but I can't do that this week :sad:
  14. ^^ yay, congrats on your purchases!!! :party:
  15. Thank Aaal! I'm too afraid to take the pine city out of the bag!! I might love it too much!