Barneys NYC stock as of 2/17/08

  1. I stopped by Barneys today on my coin purse hunt and they had the following (this is from memory, and I am kinda senile, so I may have left some things out):

    A TON of 08 Magenta - a couple of RH cities and lots and lots of different styles in SGH - Days, Cities, Works, etc. The leather on the SGH ones was nicer and more saturated than the RH bags.

    EB - RH City, SGH City, SGH accessories (wallets)

    Jaune - SGH City (really nice leather)

    Vert Foret (I think, it was a nice dark forest green) - SGH Day (but someone was looking at it, so it might be gone), RH City

    BG - RH First, City(?)

    White - RH First, a handful of other styles - I think there was a Day on the rack

    Sky Blue - RH First, SGH coin purse

    Black - SGH coin purses and wallets

    They also had some of the suede/leather bags in the brownish color with gray trim, and some gorgeous croc bags.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but they had a pretty good selection, especially if you are looking for magenta or EB. I *think* they also had Vert Thyme, but I also went to BalNY today and they had VT, so I may be mixing that up.
  2. Thank you for your info. :flowers:

    I think, I might give them a call for the Magenta SGH city because I've been looking aroung for quite some time.
  3. Any RH coin purse's?
  4. I was there on friday and they didn't have any RH coin purses, only GH :sad:
  5. Yeah, they only had GH coin purses. BalNY has a bunch of colors in RH coin purses, but no bright ones.
  6. Thankx!
  7. What colors coin purses did Barneys NYC have? Any bright colors?

  8. All they had out were sky blue SGH and black SGH, but the SA said they would be getting more in soon.
  9. The Jaune SGH City sounds so divine..I just wish the City fits perfectly on my shoulder so I won't have to look for a PT:sad: