barneys nyc stock and availability

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  1. I am planning my first goyard purchase (smaller sized st louis in black) and was wondering if the nyc barneys boutique location generally has these available - or do I need to start tracking one down and have it sent?

    Also, can anyone rec a good sa?

  2. prolly just best to call the store first to check on stocks on hand. this way you can secure the item by doing a charge hold on the phone, and when you can come inspect the item and pick it up, it will be available for you. GL!
  3. I have received two Goyard bags from Bergdorf Goodman NYC. Very nice experience. Phyllis was my Sales Associate and she was great!
  4. Thanks everyone - I got stuck at work and didn't get a chance to run over, but I left a voicemail. Hopefully I will be able to go pick something up tomorrow.
  5. I love Phyllis :biggrin:
  6. ita!
  7. Thanks, everyone. Phylllis was so nice to deal with - unfortunately, they were out of the color I wanted (black) and my backup (navy).

    In this case, I really needed the bag for travel next week, so I ended up working with Sheryl at Barneys, who held both varieties of black for me until I could get to the store. She was very nice, too, and has been their Goyard person for years.

    I plan to get a navy one next with Phyllis - she seems wonderful and very knowledgable about the brand.
  8. Phyllis sold me my bag in August--I love her!!
  9. Can anyone kindly give me phyllis' email?
  10. After Phyllis (in the above email ) there is an underscore line _.
    It didn't show up in the highlighted link.