Barneys NY Stock at Copley 11/13

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  1. So I had to pick up some stuff at Copley Square in Boston and I mosied on in to Barneys to see the stock, and here is what I can remember:

    Steel GGH Flat Clutch
    Black SGH Envelope Clutch
    Mastic GGH Hobo
    Black SGH Hobo
    Pine SGH Flat Clutch
    Jaune SGH Brief
    Black SGH Brief
    Pine SGH Day
    Black SGH Day
    Mogano SGH Day
    Black RH Day
    Pine RH City
    Black RH City
    Steel GGH Brief
    Grey Crocodile Work (stunner)

    Rouille, Jaune Le Compagnons
    Rouille, Pine, Jaune Mini Compagnons
    Pine Coin Wallet
    Jaune Makeup

    A bunch of Luna styles but I don't know them by name and a few Matelesse bags, one in Ivory and another in Mogano.

    That's all I can remember for now!
  2. thanks.
  3. Oh and also a Black SGH City and Black SGH Weekender
  4. OMG! I was there on Sat and they didn't have a lot of the bags you mentioned!!! Guess they got more stuff in since!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  5. Yes thanks for posting.

    S/A Paula is wonderful. Ask for her!
  6. Thank you so much for posting!:flowers: I thought finding a GGH Clutch in Steel would be too much work so I had given up on it before even trying. You totally made my's on it's way to me right now!!!!:yahoo: Thank you, thank you!!!:heart:

    I think I'm done with Steel now!;)
  7. Oh I'm so happy for you! For some reason, I thought you wanted an SGH Clutch in Steel because I actually asked the SA about it with you in mind (I've been reading how you've been looking and looking!) but wow, yay for you! :woohoo:
  8. They have other things in the back not on the floor, too! I had them check for a Tomato GSH Day but no luck! I totally recommend the SA too, she checked the entire Barney's stock for me but I guess it's not meant to be.:sad:
  9. ^^^Thanks! I don't know why they hide things in the back! I'll never understand it! Did you see the violet brief SGH? It was there on Sat.
  10. Cool! That's my Bbag store too! Nothing thats really catching my eye today tho. =P
  11. do you remember seeing an RRT or escape?
  12. zacorey: There was nothing Violet there when I went. Hmmm since it's Thursday and you saw it Saturday, safe to say you are a bit in love? ;)

    LVobsessed415: I am not sure, I don't think so, but the RTT is about the same size as the Brief, just wider and I may have assumed something to be a Brief, I didn't inspect the openings of all (just on the Jaune and Steel and both were Briefs). It wouldn't hurt to ask, Paula is a doll to deal with.

  13. What color RTT are you looking for?
  14. Any color but purple.