Barneys NY Report...and I found my HG Ink Twiggy!!!

  1. Went to Barneys NY today, and found one of my Holy Grail bags that I thought I would never find except on eBay...

    I found...a brand spankin' new INK TWIGGY :nuts:

    I couldn't believe it. I thought it was Marine at first...I thought "hey, cute...a Marine twiggy!". I come up closer, and noticed it looked purplish...I opened the bag, fished around to look for a tag. There wasn't a Balenciaga tag, but there was a Barneys tag indicating "EN" for color...ENCRE. My heart started pounding! I asked the SA (who was wonderful...his name is Manny) what color the bag was, and he said Ink...I asked if he was sure it was ink and not Marine, and he said yes. I still couldn't believe it. I brought it underneath one of the store spotlights, and sure enough...there were the purple undertones! :yahoo:

    However, here's the catch. I recently purchased an Ink City on eBay, which I think has more beautiful, shiny, silky smooshy leather than the twiggy. The twiggy's leather is more pebbly, less smooshy, but still shiny. I don't know which one to keep! :push: I already have a French Blue Twiggy, and prefer the twiggy shape. However, I'm not so sure I should keep two bags of the same shape, even though they're different colors. Thank goodness for Barneys return policy...I actually have time to think about it!

    And of course, here is what I saw in stock there for my dear Bbag fans:

    -a gorgeous black city...beautiful shiny, silky leather.
    -French Blue City with GH and French Blue Brief with GH
    -Several Truffe/Truffle Bbags in different shapes and sizes
    - Anthracite (forgot the style), regular hardware
    - Grenat First (cute too!)
    - several White bbags with GH
    - A couple of Aqua bags with GH

    There were others, but I don't remember them...

    I do have to say that I think I'll buy my BBags from Barneys from now on though. I was pleasantly surprised with their customer service.
  2. Thanks for the wonderful story and stock report mimi! It's a hard one, but I think you should keep the Ink City. You can fit a lot more stuff in a City without it looking too oversized. However it also depends on how beat-up the second hand City from ebay is??? If you'd prefer a new bag, then go for the Twiggy. You can't beat a new Bbag!
  3. congratulations on your find!! I say keep what you're in love with the most.
  4. Congrats!! Ink is gorgeous, and Manny is very nice. I bought my black twiggy from him in 2005.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I hate to admit this, but I've been standing in front of the mirror for the past 1/2 hour, city on one arm and twiggy on the other turning to my right and to my left to check which one looks better. Thank goodness I brought it home because if I did this in the store for longer than 15 minutes I would be getting a LOT of weird looks!
  6. Picture?
  7. Voila!

    The first two pics are of the ink twiggy...the second two are of the ink city.

    I took an upclose shot of the bag in an effort to show the difference in texture of the two. I kind of like the pebbly texture of the twiggy, it gives the leather a nice dimension, and brings out the color of the hardware. However, I love the smoothness and slickness of the city's leather. Decisions, decisions!
    DSC00133.JPG DSC00137.JPG DSC00134.JPG DSC00138.JPG
  8. Congrats! I love the twiggy's leather. She is so pretty, you are so lucky to find the ink with more purple then blue. She is a keeper.:yes:
  9. :nuts: O M G WOWOWOWOW. I think that is the most beautiful ink that I have ever seen. If you decide it's not a keeper you can send that baby my way. That leather is incredible. I've never seen one like that and the color is TDF!
  10. Wow, coming from you I think I may have a good thing on my hands!!

    (ps...were you talking about the twiggy or the city??)
  11. I vote for the Twiggy. That was my favorite bag shape and I regretably sold every single one I had (I went on a temporarily insane city kick). Now I would LOVE another Twiggy back in my collection. Go for it!!!
  12. Can you keep both???
  13. Keep the twiggy. It doesn't matter that you already ahve a twiggy. If its the shape you adore, then that is the best choice. I have 7 day bags, and don't regret getting several colors in the same shape. It is the style I use the most, so it makes sense to me.

    Also, I'm more partial to the twiggy shape myself. I adore it in the ink, too.
  14. The leather on the Twiggy is :drool: If you have to pick one then keep that one although I like the size of the city more....
  15. :yahoo: Congratulations on your beautiuful INK Twiggy:yahoo:

    The leather and colour on that Twiggy are amazing! What a find. Congratulations!!!!