Barney's NY - Madison stock

  1. Okay ladies, I stopped by Barney's after work these are the Bbags they have: (only those that I remembered :push:smile:

    Greige work
    Ink box & shopper/shopping
    White oval clutch
    French blue Matelasse medium
    Black Matelasse clutch
    Flat clutch (:sad: I can't remember the color!)
    Camel twiggy (I was gonna get it but changed my mind decided twiggy isn't for me :sweatdrop: )
    Camel work & weekender
    Ivory (off white and not greige, can't be a f/w 2007 or is it?) work
    Grenat first, city
    Black, white city; work (regular and giant gold & silver hardwares)

    That's all I can remember. I was there couple of weeks ago and I like what they have this time. :tup:

    Anyone interested, here's the number 212.826.8900 and look for Leo :heart:
  2. Thanks for the update joyc3

    Just a few queries... Do you think he can send the bag overseas as I do not live in the states? Do you have his email or at least could he send the pics of the bag i'm interested in via email?
  3. No problem! ^^

    Maybe you should check Barney's re the overseas shipping, I really can't give you an answer on that (sorry!)

    As for his email, no I don't have it and he can't send you pictures (I know this for a fact because I called first before I went to the store and his answer was, "sorry, I don't have access to send pictures" )
  4. Thanks for the info joyc3.. I shall give him a call..
  5. Thanks for the update! The IVORY you saw could possibly be Natural (since it that color can really vary from being a greyish beige to an off white color).

    Hmm...that Camel Weekender is still there? Must resist.:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    BTW, for anyone interested in the INK Shopping please make sure to ask the SA if this bag is scratch free. Because this might be the exact same INK Shopping I saw months ago and that bag had a big 'ole scratch down the front of the bag.
  6. Anytime, glad to be of help.

    It is Naturel! Now I remember, because its very light than greige! :tup:

    The caramel is really yummy!
  7. Yep, it's the same one. I was looking at it when I was in Barney's earlier and it has a huge scratch on the front. Also, the natural work has a pen mark on the front of it :tdown:
  8. wait...camel as in 06 s/s (non-cognac???) work and weekender? omg...