Barneys NY impulse buy - your opinion please!!


The new Balenciaga bag... what do you think?

  1. Yes!! a keeper.

  2. NO NO NO don't stray from city/twiggy/purse!

  3. hmmmmm.... interesting, not sure.

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  1. So I went to Barneys to show my SA the violet color for her to order in anything she can get. She had already checked with the Balenciaga specialist, and apparently NO candy colors are being ordered!!! but she's pursuing it.

    Anyway, there, on the mannequin, was the very lady-like envelope bag in black/brown/white that had been featured on Bag Snob in black/green. And of course it's the last one in the store. so I took it to consider at home. It's like a cross between a Balenciaga and a Lanvin to me, holds a lot, fits over the shoulder. I am TORN!!! Keep or ditch?

    PS and no, I can't for the life of me get a good modeling shot!
    balenciagaarenagreen.jpg newbbag.jpg wearing.jpg
  2. I guess the question much do you love it?

    Personally, I don't like that handbag at all so I would say return :sad:

    I just think if you want a "structured" bag you get do much better.
  3. May i ask what was the price?:s
  4. $1295. And I do like it a lot -- practically ripped it off the mannequin's arm! But it's very different from all my other bags, Balenciaga or otherwise. And something that turns my head is good. Am not feeling moved by the GH line, and am not jumping into more LV any time soon.

    DH, however, dismissed it as an "old business lady bag". Um... honey, I AM old!
  5. I'm not a fan & it looks uncomfortable to carry?? But if YOU love it then that's all that matters :smile:
  6. It is very different and unique but for $1295 i don't know. :sweatdrop: Listen to your heart. :yes: What do i know i keep changing my mind every day.:nuts:
  7. I for one like it !!! :yes:
    I was looking at this style on the Balenciaga website and I really liked it but I haven't seen it IRL. Just ask yourself: Do I like it?? Am I going to wear it??? Do I need it??? (cross the last stupid question).
  8. I can't vote because all that really matters is that you like it and will carry it. If you are so excited by the style, then keep it regardless of what others say!
  9. I would LOVE that bag if it were about half the size and had a different color in the front pannel. But as it is, it's just not my taste.
  10. ^^See, the white front panel is what I liked -- a little summery, as opposed to a light-colored bag in New York which would get TRASHED. and its weird retro look is very appealing. Plus black AND brown. goes with everything.

    But I may still return it, maybe for a Givenchy small Clarabelle.
  11. it is very unique and the picture of you wearing it makes it look like a hefty size (in a good way) it's different. If different is your thing, then i say she's a keeper. I would just think about it for while though.
  12. Honestly all that matters is if you love it and will use it. Keep it for a few days and see what your gut tells you!
  13. I don't personally like it, but if you like it, that's all that really matters.
  14. I dunno? I am thinking if you're head over heels in love with it you wouldn't be having second thoughts where you'd be asking us keep or return. This would be a "Check this out! My new love!" kind of thread.

    At least that's how I am (I sometimes ask my fellow purse enthusiast friend - she's such a dear) her opinion and she often reminds me that if I'm asking - then I'm not totally entirely in love with it. Cuz otherwise I'd buy first and then just show her "lookie at this!"

    Personally (JMO) I'd return because while the structure/design is that it's lady-like - the fact that it's actually quite huge detracts from that quality.

    But I agree with the other ladies - if you can figure out what your heart is saying - that is definitely the voice to follow!
  15. I voted my choice...but personally i won't keep it as it's not my style....i still like the actual bal bag then this...jus my personal opinion...thanks.....:love: :love: :love: