Barneys Ny has new colors

  1. Hi I am new to Balenciaga so I dont know the names of colors
    They had a really beautiful beigh color
    Light forest minty green so pretty
    and they had pink
  2. I am new to TPF as well, but it is true! They just got a shipment today! I bought a Jaune GSH City for my dad to give my mom for Christmas. It's sitting next to me and I'm totally in love with it...

    I am a proud recent Balenciaga convert--my Ocean GSH City helped me find my way to this lovely place! :love:
  3. what color is that did you see the light beigh with ghw
  4. Yes! I saw the beige...I almost went for that one, but then I saw the yellow hanging on the post near the staircase and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I thought the pink with the GH was cute, but DH said it was borderline tacky...he may be right, I'm still not sure.
  5. I saw them at Madison and 60th.
  6. Just asking did you think the beigh was cute I got it because they said they only had 15 but it really did catch my eye I guess I want to know do u think it was cute Thanks :smile:
  7. I saw the yellow what time were you there ?? I was there at 2:20
  8. I really liked the beige. I seriously considered it but I had my heart set on getting my mom a jaune city with gsh and they looked in the back and found one for me! I went at like 6:00.
  9. Any spy pics?
  10. Damn I was JUST there on Saturday! Checking if vt was in and my sa said in a few weeks. Did anyone see a VT work with reg hardware??
  11. what color is VT ?
  12. Barneys has vert thyme?!?! i am so there.
  13. VT is vert thyme, does anyone know if the had the reg hardware work? I could stop being lazy and run uptown or call! Its just I'm trying to escape Balenciaga right now.
  14. ^lol. AriB said there's a light foresty minty green. could it be VT?

    click on the icon next to pinay's nick to see her VT: