Barney's NY has J Brand black cigarette jeans for $39. i just snapped up a pair

  1. Does anyone know how these fit? I don't own a pair, but i was in the market for some black skinny jeans and this price was too good to pass up. Hope they fit me!!
  2. They usually fit a little big--most people size up because the stretch...but wow that is a great deal!
  3. :wtf: WOW! That is an amazing deal!! I have the same pair (Jett) but in the 12" opening. I purchased those a while ago for $94.

    I think they run pretty true to size. I love them!

    Congrats on your amazing deal!!
  4. Barneys charges $12 for ground shipping?? They're INSANE! :wacko:
  5. Yes $12 bucks -- they are evil and must be destroyed!
  6. which black is this? is this black with orange thread?

    and when u say cigarette you mean 14" rite?
    in that case definitely go a size down. they stretch A LOT.
  7. OO AWESOME deal!! I'm jealous!
  8. haha sorry I meant size down!
  9. did you get it yet? i'm not sure if its the look your going for but the j.brand in 912 (12" rise) is actually meant to be capris (according to the SA at Barneys, though to be honest, i think she wasn't sure herself)

    Depending on how tall you are it may be too short. If your legs are on the slightly shorter side i think they would look great bc they might just hit your ankle or heel.
    but i'm 5'6" and they are too short on me - they reach about an inch or two above my ankle, so it looks really awkward. (the $39 ones)

    i was about to buy them a few days ago at Barneys because they fit great and what a GREAT deal! but yeah... it was too short.
    hope it fits well! =)