Barneys NY - Free gift card with purchase!

  1. I received a card from Barneys... if anyone is planning any major purchases -- Balenciaga/Lanvin/Bottega/Goyard -- during the period of October 8-14, with your purchase you will receive a gift card, the amount dependent on how much you spend. I think minimum purchase to qualify for a gift card is $250.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Do purchases at Barney's Co-op count as well? I get Barney's mail but I didn't get this. Do you need a Barney's credit card for the offer?

    Thanks for posting!
  3. I think it's just for Barney's credit card accounts.... not absolutely certain though. And the Co-op should qualify too!
  4. I got one of those things in the mail, yes the Co Op counts, I didnt see anything on ity saying you had to pay with a Barneys card though..think I better go read it!
  5. does anyone know the breakdown of the gift cards (like how much do you have to spend to get what gift card)?
  6. I got this in the mail too. I don't even have a Barney's card.
  7. just got this in the mail. basically, you get $25 purple gift card from Barney's for EVERY $250 spent from oct 8th to 14th. then you can redeem the purple gift card(s) for merchandise from Nov 1 to Dec 31.
  8. Does Barneys ever have beauty gift w/purchase like Neimans?
  9. Not sure but I do know that they do throw beauty events at their flagship where they bring masseuses, makeup artists, etc and you get free services with purchases, plus they have gift bags (no purchase necessary) where people line up for....