Barney's NY Forgot the Authenticity Paperwork


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Mar 27, 2007
I just received my first Balenciaga - A Truffle Oval Clutch and a few issues:

1. It's obviously been used because there was gunk in the inside pocket and I found a quarter in the outside pocket! Someone must have bought and returned it.

2. There is no controllato card, no Balenciaga tag or Balenciaga receipt.

3. No extra tassels - I don't know if the oval clutches come with extra tassels or not.

Eek! What do I do? I got the bag from Barney's NYC so I know it's authentic but I want my paperwork!

Any suggestions about what I should do???

Thanks for listening...

i got my oval lilac from BalNY too. there is no controllato card...the tag is attached at the inner zipper...balenciaga receipt is in a seperate envelope. Mine does not come with extra tassels...i think its only for bags.

Call your SA and discuss your concerns. im sure she is the only one who can help you only have 10 days to address them.

ooppsss!!! sorry...i thought it was BalNY not Barneys....yeah! i think, better return it. they the same thing with NM's, they dont check return items.

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
Return it asap. Unless you like gunk with your truffle. Barneys is famous for shipping used bags and forgetting paperwork. They will NEVER send you the tags and paperwork by the way because the previous owner probably still has it!


Apr 23, 2007
oh barney's new york take away the balenciaga paperworks altogether and replace with their own tag. sometimes, the new SA will just not even know the color name. i asked so hey what is this red called. she said it is like a bright orange red...they have no idea how we are crazy about them and they certainly might need to re-consider keeping the authentic paperworks. i know they sell authentic stuff.
Nov 24, 2006
It depends. If you really love it and don't think you'll ever sell, then keep it. If you do decide to sell, the oval clutch does not seem to be one of the styles that's being copied, so that would be in your favor.

Of course, Barney's should give you a discount for buying a used bag without documentation, so why don't you ask for one? The bag is used and incomplete...