Barney's NY Forgot the Authenticity Paperwork

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  1. I just received my first Balenciaga - A Truffle Oval Clutch and a few issues:

    1. It's obviously been used because there was gunk in the inside pocket and I found a quarter in the outside pocket! Someone must have bought and returned it.

    2. There is no controllato card, no Balenciaga tag or Balenciaga receipt.

    3. No extra tassels - I don't know if the oval clutches come with extra tassels or not.

    Eek! What do I do? I got the bag from Barney's NYC so I know it's authentic but I want my paperwork!

    Any suggestions about what I should do???

    Thanks for listening...
  2. Well, if it were me I would return it. I don't like to pay full price for used merchandise. Can you exchange it for a different one?
  3. Ditto with what coda said. Return it for something new, or just to get your money back. Tell them you're unhappy with the bag that they sent to you.

    Hope it works out!
  4. I would return it!! Its definately been used!

    I don't know about the Oval... but both of my wallets came with extra tassels for the front. (It took me about 3 weeks to figure out what they were!!) :smile:
  5. I would return it also. If it shows use, should atleast get a discount.
  6. I would return it and let them know that it was used and unhappy with the item u received
  7. I'd be so put off by that I would absolutely return it.
  8. I agree, you should totally return it! I can't believe Barney's actually sold you a used item! Arrgg!!!
  9. Wow, that is really gross! I would actually call them and speak to the SA or someone there. That is just nasty and very depressing honestly!:tdown:
  10. I definitely think you should return it! I think BalNY may have a truffle oval left, so you could try getting a new one from them.

    Also, I got my black oval from Barney's, and it didn't come with extra tassels either - maybe ovals don't come with them?
  11. I concur with the suggestions given so far. There is no reason to pay full price for a bag that has clearly been used and doesn't come with the proper documentation. Not having those items could be a concern down the road if you ever want to sell the clutch.
  12. Not to hijack this thread, but my money wallet didn't come with extra tassels. Are extra tassels usually included with them?
  13. Not sure. I will check my stuff when I get home and let you know.
  14. Chuggie, did you decide to keep your FB money wallet?
  15. Yeah, they come with the really short tassle that's on the front zipper. I think it's really cute!