Barneys NY did not order '08 Part-Times...

  1. I just talked with my SA at Barneys NY and she said they didn't order any Part-Times for S/S '08...:crybaby:What a bummer! :hysteric:

    Does anyone know if Balenciago will still have this style in '08? I hope so...After many bags...I finally decided the PT is my favorite...:tender:
  2. Barney's is really weird, their shoppers decide not to order things. My SA told me that this season, they ordered barely any GGH, it was all silver and she had no idea why.

    But yes, Balenciaga will have the PT, call around to Neiman and Nordstrom Arden Fair or Saka Boca, ask if the SAs know yet.
  3. bummer :oh:
    I really like the PT and was heading in that direction in the new sage or EB :hrmm:
  4. Thanks for the info Amanda...Good News!:yahoo:I think you're right about them being weird because they didn't get a very large selection of the F/W and when they did it was so late that I had already bought about 7 before they got the first one...:girlsigh:

    And amcf58...I think you'll love the Part Time...I was thinking about the Thyme and the Bubble Gum...At least now we can find them somewhere.

  5. I can't wait to see what the Thyme looks like - it's hard to visualize from a tiny photo of a swatch. Pesky...
  6. As of the last I heard, they aren't ordering the Step either, which is a bummer as I'd much rather work with Barney's than BalNY. :sad:
  7. BALNY did order PT's for 2008, but I'm not so sure about the Step. Go figure.