Barneys NY Chicago...

  1. :yucky:

    I was in Chicago this week. I was determined to buy a BBag. It was just not meant to be.

    The SAs that were working that morning were sooooo incredibly rude. It is unreal. I called to ask what bags they had and they just did NOT want to help me. I got NO help...they told me they were too busy and I needed to just come in.

    I called back and spoke to the manager of the store that morning that told me the store was not busy. I was around the corner so I went in and that store was EMPTY!!!!

    In spite of the fact that I desperately wanted to buy a bag I left there empty-handed because I was not about to give my money to that store.

    Is this typical of this store or just a really bad morning?

    It is very frustrating to be addicted to bags that are not sold in the city you live in....:p
  2. I go there all the time and I have never had that happen to me :shrugs:

    Karyn is really nice there - although not too Bal educated - but nice nonetheless! I just ordered two bags from her!
    and there is a black male SA, that I cannot for the life of me remember his name, who I chat with whenever I go in, really nice also!
    I will say that no one there really has a clue about Balenciaga styles and colors tho...
  3. Hhmm?! Maybe it WAS just a bad morning!


    I'll maybe try again the next time I am in Chicago.

    In the meantime...I saved some cash for my New York trip!! :yes: :yahoo:
  4. How's the selection? I've yet to go there. :shrugs:
  5. Frankly the selection was great but the leather on the bags that they DID have was NOT impressive at all. Very thin, veiny leathers....really!

    The one bag they had that was AMAZING was a weekender that I think may have been carmel. The leather on that bag was soooo thick and very, very beautiful.

    I am actually STILL thinking about that bag. I already have a marine weekender....... but still thinking about it.

  6. I wonder if they tell you to just come in because they really don't know how to answer your questions over the phone???
    I mean when I called about the Brief, the SA insisted it was "the giant square one" ... I was like, uh, no, that is probably the weekender! They do not know the names AT ALL!
    OOOHHH! Have fun in NY! I soooo want to go there!
  7. The last time I was there the selection was pretty good .... they never carry Twiggy's tho :sad: ... and color wise they seem to carry a lot of neutrals, especially brown colors
  8. Maybe they DO tell you to come in because they can't answer questions.

    I'm actually OK with that but the RUDE tone coupled with lack of knowledge of THEIR merchandise was a bit much.

    Balenciaga would really benefit from having someone educate the SA in department stores (not just Barneys) on the merchandise. I know more about the bags than my NM SA BUT she is so easy to work with that it doesn't matter.
  9. i've never been approached by the SAs there whenever i walk in, and i am always well-dressed(;P). the only times they would approch me is when i actually bought something from upstairs(the women's dept) and come back down to their area carrying Barney's shopping bag...i know it sounds bad, but it's almost like they would only 'bother' with me if they're reassured that i was able to spend some money that day....

    i tried to have my the nice SA who helps me with clothes sometimes to be my accessory person, but that didn't quite work out......another story
  10. OH! I know exactly what you mean. When I went in I was well-dressed. She was eyeing my handbag and my wedding rings and was ALL OVER wanting to help me then. I was not going to buy at that point....
  11. I had a really similar TERRIBLE experience at Barney's Chicago that I posted about a while back. The store was completely empty, and still the SA was totally uninterested in helping me select a bag.

    I'm surprised that the caramel weekender is still there! I saw it when I was in the store last month. I left with the same impression - their bags generally had really thin, veiny, unimpressive leather with the exception of the weekender.
  12. I totally agree. I work with two SA's at my Neimans. One is definitely more knowledgeable than the other. But I love them both. I already know what I need to know about Balenciaga's prior to buying them. I have them as call me when new colors come in and do special transfers.

    It's always a frustrating experience...if it makes you feel any better, whenever I go to Barneys NY in Madison, they never seem to be helpful until I'm ready to buy. I'm also only 23, and people tend to underestimate my spending ability.
  13. yes, Rude is never acceptable for any reason
  14. P.S. I really wish a PFer would purchase that Caramel weekender at BarneyChi so I could drool over some pictures for an extended period of time. Given how nasty the SAs were, I didn't linger to admire that bag to the fullest extent!
  15. I had almost the same experience. I was looking at the Bale bags and everytime I touched a bag they mentioned the price. I guess some people said that they are just trying to be helpful by mentioning the price of every bag that I touch but the way the person said it I thought it was a bit snobbish.

    And I never find their collections to be too impressive. They dont have too much variety of colors or styles. I'd rather wait til I trip to NY and buy mine there.