Barneys New York?

  1. I'm a little bit curious about a Balenciaga handbag sold at Barneys New York. I stopped by at Barneys in Copley today and saw many Balenciaga bags. But when I went to the Barneys website, they don't list Balenciaga bags at all? Is Barneys an authorized reseller of Balenciaga bags. I'm pretty sure that Barneys sell authentic Balenciaga bags (right?) but still curious as to why their website don't even list Balenciaga in their designer list?

  2. Yes, Barney's has sold Balenciaga since the beginning!
  3. but never online. Balenciaga does not allow their bags to be purchased online through any of their retailers.
  4. ^ yeah, I meant to say that too ;) hehe.
  5. Yeah, you won't find them online...although some sites (like AR) do at least list that they carry them.

    I was at Barney's at Copley Place last week--they do have tons! I bought my black City there.
  6. Neiman Marcus also doesn't list on their website that they sell Balenciaga.
  7. Plus, a lot of retailers don't sell their complete line of designers online anyways. They don't list all the lines they carry online.
  8. Thanks veryone. I was curious as I want to see the pictures on the website but could not find any. I know I should not doubt Barneys since I bought many things from them before but just for a peace of mind, they do sell authentic Balenciaga bags, right?

    It is a litlte bit odd that Balenciaga doesn't allow authorized dealer to sell their bags online.

  9. Yes, of course! :yes:
  10. Thanks :smile: