Barneys New York

  1. Does Barneys NY have free shipping on BBags?
    Bal NY does not have the color I want and want to see if Barneys would have but want to find out if they have free shipping like Bal NY does.
  2. Seems like it depends on who you get on the phone. I actually called Barneys on Madison, Dallas and San Fran. Dallas and SF were willing to give free shipping; full shipping amount had to be paid if you wanted expedited. The NY location I called twice yesterday and spoke to two different ppl, one offered free shipping and would send as a gift (no tax) and the other quoted $12 USD for ground shipping via UPS.
  3. Thank you ohuprettything for info.
    I live in PA and we don't have Barneys NY so I figured tax will be free.
    I guess I'll call them later and ask about free shipping.
    Thanks again.
  4. i believe if you have barneys card- it's automatically free shipping, other than that, it would depend on the SA you have on the phone.
  5. I was charged shipping when I had something shipped from Barney's on Madison.
  6. i have a barneys in my city but have called Seattle and Boston. like the others stated, it truly depends on the SA. usually, they state free standard shippping but you have to pay for the 2 day shipping.
  7. The Beverly Hills store definitely didn't offer me free shipping!!
  8. Call Liza Ruiz in Dallas. I didn't even have to ask for the free shipping. She is a great SA. She is in school, but works usually Wednesday-Thursday maybe into the weekend. She is awesome!:yes: