Barneys New York Warehouse Sale in LA

  1. The Barneys New York Warehouse Sale kicks off next week in LA on Thursday, February 7th @ the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica!
  2. Woohoo!! I haven't found much during that last two sales, but hopefully I'll see something this time around.
  3. yes! I cant wait! has anyone been to their past warehouse sale? I missed out on the last was the merchandise and prices like? Any comments would be great! TIA!
  4. Good luck ladies! Get some good deals!
  5. anyone know when the one in nyc starts?
  6. does anyone know what time the sale starts next thursday?
  7. thanks for the info! i've been wondering when the next one is... does this last through the weekend?
  8. i hate shopping bans! i found so many shoes last time...Louboutin, Chloe, Dolce & Gabana, Miu Miu.
  9. Thanks for this info. I have never been to Barney's warehouse sale. I checked the barker hanger website and found the dates and time. I hope we all get some good deals!!! Question: Do we need an invitation to go there or everyone is welcome?
    </SPAN>Barney&#8217;s New York Warehouse Sale
    Thursday February 7th 8:00 AM &#8211; 9:00 PM
    Friday February 8th 8:00 AM &#8211; 9:00 PM
    Saturday February 9th 9:00 AM &#8211; 7:00 PM
    Sunday February 10th 10:00 AM &#8211; 7:00 PM
    Monday February 11th 10:00 AM &#8211; 8:00 PM
    Tuesday February 12th 10:00 AM &#8211; 8:00 PM
    Wednesday February 13th 10:00 AM &#8211; 8:00 PM
    Thursday February 14th 10:00 AM &#8211; 8:00 PM
    Friday February 15th 10:00 AM &#8211; 8:00 PM
    Saturday February 16th 10:00 AM &#8211; 7:00 PM
    Sunday February 17th 10:00 AM &#8211; 7:00 PM
    Monday February 18th 10:00 AM &#8211; 7:00 PM
  10. thanks for the info! anyone can go!
  11. Woo hoo! I will be there....of course, by the time I can go on Saturday everything good will already be gone.
  12. Prices from what I remember are the same as the final cut sale they have during their "Up to 75% off" days in-store. Generally they keep replenishing other stock throughout the two weeks. It worth checking periodically.
  13. Last year I went Friday after work and I didn't buy anything! I didn't think the merchandise was very good and prices were no better than you can find at Off 5th or other outlet stores. Also, ladies keep in mind they have no dressing rooms so people will just take off their clothes in the aisles.
  14. very true about people just stripping down in the aisles! :lol:

    Does anyone know if when you buy a pair of shoes if they are still in the shoe box? It might be stupid but sometimes its a deal breaker for me
  15. anyone know the address? TIA!