Barneys New York Private Sale this week only

  1. Site crashed "too many fashionistas trying to access our site so it is now down! "
  2. i've been trying to access it too! geeze needs a bigger server
  3. Did anyone get in before it crashed? :s
  4. I only got to browse through the sale shoes before it crashed. I saw Louboutins, Moschino, Zanotti, MJ, etc. I was pleased to see several pairs of boots on sale! Prices were anywhere from 25%-40% off.
  5. I got in before it crashed but it was moving too slow to get much... then it knocked me off. I did see some nice Louboutin's, Zanottis and a few Manolos on sale (in the $300's) but nothing much else too exciting. Most of the same stuff that has been there since the summer. I did want to order a dress though, too bad the site is down:tdown:
  6. Ack! I still can't get in. It's just in a "hanging" mode. :sad:
  7. Me anti-climatic, Does anyone know if the sale is going on in store as well?
  8. crashed. cant even order right now!
  9. can get in.
    crashed still. :sad:
  10. sale is going on in store but my SA said CL is not on sale in store right now...
  11. :tdown: All those customers with their big $$$ and Barney's can't afford a bigger server?!?
  12. yeah this is tired of waiting for this page to load!
  13. You can access now.
  14. ^^^ Are you serious? I still can't access it! Is it working for some & not others?