Barney's New York outlet

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  1. Hi,

    I have question regarding "Barney's New York outlet". I've never been to one before, so what can I find in their outlet? I mean prices, items and brands wise. Thank you.
  2. Sometimes you can get lucky with bags, I bought a Marc Jacobs there once. The ones I go to always have the good stuff locked in a display case. They have their own Barney's brand bags and wallets out on the floor.

    They always have jeans (I see Seven, True Religion, etc), seasonal items (cashmere in the fall, dresses in the spring), shoes, etc. The ones I've been to are relatively small stores.
  3. Thank you, balihai88.:smile:

    I was just wondering where did all those handbags, after 2nd cut, go?
  4. For handbags, the ones I've been to have mostly Barney's label bags and wallets out (sometimes these are relabeled Tanos). I've seen Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gryson, Chloe and Gustto there.
  5. The one in Napa is great. It frequently has Marc Jacobs and Prada at great discounts. I recently saw a great Prada bag there for about $449. You can call ahead to see what brands they have in stock; they are usually very nice.
  6. It might depend on which one you go to. The one near me in Orlando does not have a great selection at all. The prices are reasonable and if you catch a sale you can get GREAT deals. I have not seen anything more noteworthy than Marc Jacobs, when it comes to handbags, but with clothing, you can get a mixed bag of their label and some of the premier designer labels.
  7. I've been the one in Camarillo and saw some mini metallic green twiggys a while back. Otherwise I rarely see any designer bags at the outlets. They usually sell them at the Warehouse sale before it can make it to the outlets.