Barneys New York in CHICAGO...

  1. Just got back and they still had some bags in INK if anyone is looking :yes:
    They had The First, The Purse and either a Work or Weekender not sure which.

    They also had The First in Greige, really smooth! and Sapin, Black & Camel.
    Only 2 Cities in Griege and Grenat.
    One Mid Afternoon in Truffe, SUPER SMOOTH LEATHER on this one, almost no distressing.
    Two Day bags, Griege and Truffe - VERY DISTRESSED on this one.
    A few Afternoon bags in Truffe and Camel.
    Also had a few Work and Weekender bags - one Black for sure - and some Quilted and other styles I do not know the names of...and Wallets in different sizes in Truffe, Black Rouge Vif, White and Griege

    about all I can remember!