Barney's Manhasset Stock

  1. Rouille - twiggy, work
    Blue - work
    Deep Grey - first
    Ink - shopper, first, work, shrug, hobo, messenger
    Olive Green - twiggy
    Deep Brown - work, city, ghost
    Pale Rose - shrug, hobo
    Lilac - box, first
    Light Grey - first, city, weekender, ghost
    Caramel - twiggy, work
    Black - work, ghost
    Grenat - work, city, first

    plenty of weekenders but in the darker colors (no grenat, no rouille)

  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. rouille work??? :crybaby: me want one :crybaby:
  4. what is a ghost ?
  5. Is deep brown a new color? Is it Marron? what is a ghost?
  6. 0o0o0 INK work :love: how dreamy!
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