Barneys (Manhasset) stock list

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  1. Hey girls! I just came back from Barneys in Manhasset and there was a bunch of bbags on display. Here's what I remember:

    First: Ink, Gray, Cement, Rouille, Lilac, Black

    City: Cement, Truffle, Black

    Work: White, Cement, Black, Truffle

    Coin Purse: White, Cement, Red

    -Teal shoebag kind of thing but with a metal strap

    Money Wallet: red

    Compagnon: Black, red

    -an oval shaped clutch in cement

    Day/Hobo: cornflower, grenat

    Twiggy: Origan, Black

    *There were other colors but that's all I can remember!
  2. Thanks for the stock update.I certainly would like that black city!:heart:
  3. I was just there yesterday and the only day bags they had were in light gray and a lavender color

    I'm new to this - but what color is grenat????
  4. thanks for the report!
    japskivt, grenat is a dark red/burgundy for 06.
  5. grenat is one of the "red" colour options
  6. I just bought it - I like 20 minutes away - but with a new baby - its hard to get out - so they are shipping it to me!!!
  7. ooh, which one did u buy? :yahoo:
  8. the grenat day bag:yahoo:
  9. congrats girl!!! nice options :wlae:
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