Barneys Madison Avenue - update!

  1. If someone is looking for a Rouge Vif first, they have it! Truffle Work, hobo, first all had the best leather. S/S 06 Lilac, Ink and grey in first, city, twiggy, purse (in Ink). a table of the burnt orange in every style. The new forest green in first, city, work. three oval clutches, lots of crocodile works. But two bad things - the leather on almost every color was shiny and veiny, varying from really thin to somewhat acceptable. The Rouge Vif was gorgeous, and I asked the SA (an older woman with a Euro accent who I didn't recognize) why the leather was so different on the Rouge Vif. And I was holding my 2005 black City with the super squishy soft leather. She insisted that there was no difference!!:wtf: Huh?:wtf: I had to walk away and play with the new Lanvins to recover from the shock!:hysteric:

    Oh, and one black Shopper that was TEMPTING!

    Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks for the update- it makes me more excited to buy a rouge vif!
  3. me, too, Zac!!!:yahoo:
  4. Zacorey, what is the color of the City in the picture under your name? It's gorgeous!
  5. It's the caramel '03 city and thank you!!!
  6. The Sapin (Forest Green) leather wasn't as nice as the Rouge Vif? Please say it ain't so!!! :crybaby:
  7. fiat, i dont know about Barneys, but the BEST leather of 06 was the sapin in the city. it was thick and smooshy, even my bf said it looked like the leather on my old bags. best hands down and i haev seen alot of 06 in alot of places. did u get one?:supacool:
  8. Thank goodness ... I hope I am lucky enough to get one that nice! A Sapin City is on the way to me from NM ... I should receive it in a few days! :nuts:
  9. fiat, the most fabulous leather so far of 06 was on a NM sapin city!!! i hope you get one like that! good luck!:heart: p.s. the works were not as good....
  10. The Sapin was close, but really, the Vif was smoother and more matte. Maybe they just put the lesser leather out on display, and save the good for the true BBag fanatics. Hmmm!

    Also, the Grenat was similar to the Sapin. If I hadn't been carrying my own BBag, I would have thought better of all of them.
  11. I own both the Rouge Vif (First) and the Grenat Weekender ... see pics below. As you can see, the Rouge Vif isn't the shiny/crinkly leather ... it reminds me of the "old" leather (which is WONDERFUL!). I love my Grenat Weekender, but as you can see, the leather is shinier and crinkly (although it is still beautiful!).
  12. Beautiful bags, CeeJay! and your bags show the difference that I saw between the two at Barneys. I can't imagine how anyone could say the leather is the same on both.
  13. Ceejay, thanks for posting the pics side by side. I can really see the differences that have been discussed that way.
    Beautiful bags in different ways.
  14. Today's view of the Balenciaga stock at Barney's Madison Avenue: PLENTIFUL. There must have been 50-60 bags out. They had summer colors, they had fall colors, they had quilted, they had whistles. Everything but rouge vif. They even had a rose shrug.
  15. ^^ OMG, don't tempt me pointie :drool: