Barneys Liquidation Sale

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  1. Has anyone heard anything if Chanel stocks in Barneys will eventually go on sale?

    I've read that LVMH brands will not be part of the liquidation sales but I haven't heard anything about whether Chanel or brands like Goyard will eventually sold throughout.

    I had a long time Barneys SA but she left a few weeks ago for a new job and its impossible to get hold of anyone at the NYC store!
  2. I read in the LA times that Chanel shoes are 5% off. The discounts aren't that great.
  3. I was in Barneys ny yesterday. Chanel was 5% off. Nothing exciting is left. The place was a madhouse
  4. Are people buying things like crazy when its only 5~10% off?
  5. Barneys is not responsible for the liquidation sale as a company and don't have any say in the entire process I heard and its supposed to get very steep when the sale season really kicks in.
  6. Yeah a lot of people are justifying it because they think that 5 or 10% is better than nothing. There probably won’t be anything exciting by the time they start having large discounts.
  7. The selections were pretty bad. You’re better off shopping at Farfetch where they have 15-20% promos on a regular basis.
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