Barneys knocking off Hayden-Harnett?

  1. I was out shopping at the outlets today in Cabazon, CA and went into the Barney's outlet. I saw what I thought was a Hayden-Harnett Havana from across the store and ran over, because I was so surprised that Barney's sold HH! Well, I got closer and noticed the leather was more pebbly than I thought Havana leather was supposed be, it seemed a lot smaller than it should be, and the gold studs didn't have the signature hh stamped on them. Turns out it's a Barney's label bag! Now, I know Barney sometimes relabels other brands as their own (as with Tano bags), but I wasn't aware they did this with HH bags. And if not, then this is a blatant rip-off! Either Barney's is knocking off HH bags or one of their relabeled brands is. I wonder if HH is aware of this. I took a spy photo. See for yourselves.

    Oh, forgot to mention that I also saw a bag that looked like a knock-off of a Rebecca Minkoff Elisha! Again, it was smaller than the original and had a Barney's NY label affixed inside, but it was the unmistakable shape of the Elisha. Has Barney's become the place for (way overpriced) replicas?!
  2. Hey, that looks just like the Maxx New York bag I had bought without knowing it is copied/heavily inspired by the HH bag. I posted a photo of it in another thread. I imagine that might be a Maxx bag relabeled as a Barney's bag. The one I bought was $49.99 at Tuesday Morning.
  3. Oh Barneys you disappoint. I expect mall kiosks and Ross to sell "inspired by" bags, but not you too?!

    Mockinglee nice work with your spy cam. This just affirms why I've never been impressed with the bag selection outside of the display case.
  4. Mockinglee -
    Yup....saw the same bag in white at the Barney's Outlet in Sawgrass, FL last week.
    Went directly to it and checked it HH label AND the leather was not the same quality, etc.
    I suspect that HH may be producing some stuff for them - under Barney's private label....similar to Tano, as you mentioned.
    On this same visit, I saw lots of Tano bags for Barneys (at least I think they are still doing it for them).
    Now here's the kicker:
    I think that the Tano bags produced for Barneys is of better quality than the Tanos that they distribute for themselves (YIKES....I don't mean to offend)
    AND the HH bags being produced for Barneys is of LESSER quality than what HH sells directly.
    Of course, this is just my opinion based on the Tano bag that I bought from Barneys and my HH bags bought directly from HH.
  5. Wow, how much was Barneys asking for that bag?

    I actually did see some real HH Mercer clutches at Barney's COOP in SoHo in the spring.
  6. Hmm, I didn't think to check the price tag, so I don't know how much they were selling it for. alanaofthebay, you're right, it looks exactly like that look-alike Maxx NY bag.

    I don't know if the quality of the Tano bags is better than "real" Tano, but if they are, it would explain the heavy markup. I found a Boogie Bucket (or maybe it was the X-Roads) that they had "on sale" for $239, but it retails for under $200!

  7. Yup..."spot on" about the pricing thing w/the Tano bags....I was a bit shocked to see the price tag on them, but thank goodness the bag that I bought was on "sale" and oddly enough, the hardware on my Barney Tano is brass - not the metal silver or goldtone that one normally finds on Tanos and the styling is a bit different from Tanos I find on's mine as an example:
  8. Actually I've noticed that Barney's does (subtly) knock off a lot of designers. Don't think they can ever actually match up to HH though :nogood:
  9. I noticed that about the TANO bags, too... Thought I was going a bit crazy.

    I second the "good work" with your spy cam, mockinglee ;)
  10. Tano ships barney's the same production that they ship other retailers. They use the same crunch or lenny leather, etc. There is no difference in quality whatsoever. The only difference is the label inside. You arent paying more and getting a better quality bag. You are just paying more for the "barney's" label. I assure you of that.
  11. Barneys brand takes "inspiration" from high end bags a lot. A few years ago I bought one that was clearly "inspired by" the MJ cherry blossom bag.

    I felt okay about buying it because it was Barneys and it wasn't exactly the same, was that wrong? :p
  12. I bought two Maxx bags for my mother (before I got my Havanas) and that doesn't look like the Maxx bags I purchased, which were both croco. They were also much stiffer than the Havana. With the exception of the croco, the feel of the leather, the lining and the handle being thinner - the Maxx bag is identical to the Havana in terms of design and stitching, rivets and what have you. I wonder what lining the Barney's bag has? The Maxx bags had a cheetah print lining.