Barneys in SF

  1. its kinda embarassing for me to post this because i dont have a Bbag yet, but i guess i just feel a bit excited about Barneys opening in SF next month. not that i can afford to get my first Bbag then, but i dunno....i just thought i'd share my excitement! :smile: i wonder what kind of selections they're going to have when they open?! I will probably visit the store just to see what they have.

    someday, i will definitely get my first Bbag. but for now though, I'm satisfying my 'cravings' by drooling over you guys' bbags to keep me going heehee!
  2. guccilove, you can always get your bbag fix at NM in SF...just down the street! They have a good collection of bbags!
  3. I share in your excitement too gucci! I can't wait for Barneys to open here. I hope they will carry b-bags as well... it'll be more opportunity to drool over bags. If NMSF doesn't have a particular style, I'd love to just hop over to Barneys in hopes they'll have it. :yes:
  4. redhey, thanks! i know it's so weird of me to feel too excited about Barneys when NM also has Bbags hehehe....but i dunno....i guess it feels like there will be more selections locally? just like what murasaki said, if one store doesn't have a particular style that you're looking for, then maybe the other store has it......=) of course, assuming that Barneys SF will be selling Bbags at all.....hopefully they will. =)
  5. Absolutely!! :yes: Injecting a little bbag competition into Union Sq. will be good for us bbag lovers!:tup:

    Susan's in the city and Burlingame also sell bbags in case you wanted to check out their selection too!
  6. thanks redney! i did see Susan's on the list but i've never been there before, i may visit it one of these days tho! =)

    yes that's what im hoping for, Bbag competition in Union Square! hopefully it'll pull some of the prices down! heehee :amuse:
  7. Ahhh...guccilove thanks for sharing the excitment.
  8. thanks blessings! im so excited just to see the bag, how much more when i actually get one?! i'll probably faint! haha!
  9. Don't feel bad, I'm planning on getting my first bbag after I graduate high school.
  10. If you wanna try Susan's try it fast. They're no longer gonna be carrying bbags. They're not even getting anymore in for A/W 07, the bags that they have left are from last season and older.

    You may be able to find a good deal too, if those SAs don't bite your head off with their above-all-else attitudes.

    Good luck. :p
  11. purplekicks, thanks for the encouragement!

    reresaurus--- interesting comment about the SA's of Susan's. I did call there once about a month ago or so, i noticed the other person on the line didn't sound at all interested in helping me out.....hmmm....but yeah....i may try them to see what they have!
  12. oh wow, I didn't know that!! That's a bummer. Oh well, I'm def. sharing the excitement for the new Barneys! :heart:
  13. Where have I BEEN?????? Barneys is opening in SF? Lord do I need a bbag shopping trip to SF!
  14. Woo-hoo! I am also so excited about Barney's in SF~ I'm sure they'll have the colors and styles that NM does not order. Hurray!
  15. When is Barney's SF opening? Must plan a mini-road trip!!