Barney's IN Manhasset LI

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  1. I just received a post card in the mail today. The store is closing January 15. According to the post card. There will be an additional 25% off selected sale merchandise as of December 26th.
  2. barney's in manhasset is closing???? i go all the time to the americana and i never heard that? :shrugs:
  3. yeah, actually i went before the 26th but the promotion was already going on and they had amazing prices but i think they're sold out on alot of stuff. i'm goin try again because it was so packed. its worth it, i think.
  4. Wonder why this is closing? :confused1:
  5. they're closing becuase they don't make any money on womens wear becuase of how heirshleifer's expanded into all those smaller boutiques, so they don't have handbag and shoe sales anymore. and its the same with the mens wear sad though. i'll miss them. :sad:
  6. ^^^Didn't know that.
  7. Wow! Sorry to hear it's closing. I like to go there when shopping for Balenciaga handbags.
  8. I knew they were closing...Great deals but I showed restraint (for once).