Barneys in Dallas, TX has lots of stuff

  1. Barneys in Dallas has a TON of inventory right now. I would recommend calling to ask about specifics...I really don't remember much as I was in and out pretty quickly today.


    Grenat (Oxblood) Work bags in RH - I kid you not - there were two of them!!

    Vert Thym Work bag w/silver giant hardware

    Giant Hobo in Plomb (can't remember if it was silver or gold .. ugh).

    Lots and lots of accessories like the Money, Compagnon, & coin purses in a variety of colors and hardwares (including magenta & jaune & limited edition navy/white).

    Sahara City RH

    Magenta City RH

    Jaune City RH

    Bubblegum First

    Electric Blue (or maybe Sky Blue?) Giant silver hardware clutch (not envelope). I'm almost 100% positive it was electric blue after looking at the photos in the "EB has landed" thread. But come to think of it, I'm not positive about whether the hardware was Silver or Gold so be sure to ask !! :p
  2. omg! thanks for the info fiat
  3. Do you happen to recall if they had any RH Briefs? TIA!
  4. HOW WAS THE EB?! lol was the leather nice and soft and smooth or thin and dry and cackly? Were you enamored with the blue color or was it very Ocean-like?? And thanks for the info! Did you remember seeing anything left in Tomato?
  5. I don't remember any RH Briefs, but there could have *easily* been some in black or brown. I almost never look at the blacks & browns because they don't excite me. :p

    The EB leather was very smooth and lovely...not veiny AT ALL (in contrast w/the sky blue leather, which was more veiny in the bags I saw at NM Austin). I thought it was a beautiful shade of blue, but *nothing* like what I expected with a name like "electric blue." It's very un-electric if you ask me. ;)

    ETA: I don't think I've seen Ocean in person ever...but I think EB is a bit lighter than Ocean and has a touch of grey/slate that Ocean doesn't have.
  6. Wow, thanks for the info! How was the leather on the Sahara? I am thinking of exchanging my own Sahara for one that has thicker leather.
  7. The Sahara looked nice....but I didn't feel the leather so I don't know if it was thick. It looked very smooth and not what people usually describe as "thick and chewy," so maybe it would be about the same as what you already got.
  8. fiatflux- thanks for the info!! For some reason, I get most excited when past years pop up at retail stores. How was the leather on the grenat?? It's on my wishlist.
  9. I'm glad there are 2 Grenat Work bags. I had one but sent it back because I thought it was really faded. Compared to the mirror anyway. So ask for the darkest one! :yes:
  10. bags4fun, so do you mean that your grenat was from the Barneys in dallas? Thanks for the heads up! I saw a grenat work at Barneys chicago about a month ago, and it was really veiny (white veins, that is), and looked thin and dry. I'm holding out for a work with good leather!!
  11. sunny07 - yes, exactly. I have an SA at Barneys Dallas that is really great, so I buy some bags from her. I just thought it wasn't as dark as it should have been, and sure enough, the mirror leather was darker, so I sent it back. If you get a chance to speak to Liza, she is excellent. Just be sure to ask about the saturation of the color. :yes::heart:
  12. ^^ thanks for the info!! I'll have to remember Liza. I'm in the same boat as you with my Wants list- except that I want a work. Just can't quite decide on the color (how about all of them!!) but I know it has to have great leather. I keep thinking that once I get one, I won't be satisfied and will want another color- grrr! It never ends with bal!!!
  13. I hear you on that one! I scare myself sometimes! :yes::heart:
  14. Thanks for sharing.