Barney's in Beverly Hills...Balenciaga stock

  1. Hello everyone! I went to Barneys today in Beverly Hills to check out the balenciagas. I've never seen any twiggies or cities in person. No new colors yet, though I saw some new styles.

    In Ink, I saw:
    1. a First
    2. a big UFO shaped clutch (new style)?
    3. a courier (very cute)
    4. a shrug
    5. work
    6. big and small coinpurse clutch (sorry don't know the style)
    basically they had lots of INK

    1. most everything.
    this color is so gorgeous in person!

    1. day
    2. first

    1. Twiggy (first time seeing a twiggy in person. so cute!)

    (***NO CITY in any color)

    FLOWERY b-bags:
    there's some cute b-bags with black leather trim and flower cloth design. very very cute. anyone have one?

    Drawstring b-bags
    1. saw 2 teal drawstring b-bags (small clutch like) on sale for like $150!
  2. 0o00o, i'd like an INK work!!! oh geez, i wish i lived in the States!!!
  3. Didi - did they have the work in rouille?
  4. Oh yay! I'll be in LA in a few days :smile:
  5. yes i believe they had the work in rouille.

    and the drawstring teal bags i saw are called the "shoebox".
  6. woops, forgot to mention they also had cornflower blue first
  7. oh, did i mention they also had some unrecognizable suede shoulder styles, and also shoulder bags (one in a pretty rasberry pink color).
  8. Hi Didi,
    Wow, that's quite an inventory. I sort of hate Barney's but I'm intrigued about the Teal bags. What season are they from, did you notice? We didn't have a Teal in 2006.
    Do you remember how big they were?
  9. :flowers: :flowers:

    Thanks so much for that report! I've been dying to know what is in the BH store, but I'm too shy to call and ask (the SAs there intimidate me sometimes). I'm going to wait until the new colors come in to go...
  10. i have no idea what season they are from, in fact never seen them before. they are called the shoebox or something. they must be from last year, cause it was definitely a teal color. they are approximately the size of a piece of paper (8 1/2 by 11)maybe bigger. hope this helps.
  11. didi, it's the shoebag. i bet it looks great in teal!
    pic is from LP's blog.
  12. T4p!
  13. the teal is from s/s 05, i have a city in that color. i'd love to have the pouch in it, too, but i don't know what i'd ever use it for.
  14. amanda, it could make a nice clutch or make-up bag.
  15. hmmmm aww i want one to match my city...but i want gucci sunnies too!!!