Barney's filed for bankruptcy 15 stores closing

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  1. :sad::sad:One of my favorite retailers...
  2. This news was not unexpected, however, it is still very sad as Barney's will remain one of the most
    visionary stores I have seen in my lifetime.
    I will support the store as the gal that helps me in rtw as well as cosmetics, is quite outstanding!!
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  3. NYC flagship staying open, thank g*d!!
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  4. I was just in one of the flagship locations and tumbleweeds were blowing through there. I was looking to return an online purchase and had difficulty finding a SA. When I did find one, she struggled with the return as there was some disconnect between the bar code and the inventory system. Plus the item I bought was marked down from $800 to $200.

    I like to look in Barneys but I never feel comfortable. It feels...icy.
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  5. Whenever I go to the SF store it’s empty but the SA are nice and helpful, probably because they aren’t inundated with customers.

    Barney’s Warehouse had some great deals over the weekend. My husband picked up a pair of men’s Italian leather dress shoes with leather soles for $100. It’s funny because I always want to go in to browse and he’ll complain “there’s nothing but JUNK in there” yet he always finds things to buy while I leave empty handed.
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  6. This is all news to me. I'd be even more sad if the company closed altogether, but it's still sad. I have a little more respect for Barney's as a retailer in its vision, compared to Saks, Neiman, etc.
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  7. :crybaby:
  8. Yikes! This is sad. Retail really is going all the way down, smh
  9. This makes me sad, but at least they're trying to do this in a way that will leave some of the stores open and continue the company.
  10. Makes me sad. I hate that the Chicago store is closing , although it makes sense as it never seemed busy.
  11. I’ve shopped online more than in store. The Chicago location that I would shop at is one of the ones closing, and I’m not surprised by it being on the chopping block. I’m surprised that it’s lasted as long as it did to be honest it was never busy when I went, I felt like the restaurant probably did more business than the retail part. I mostly went to look at handbags/slgs not so much for clothing as I was plus size and they didn’t cater to my size. While I enjoyed the environment the sales staff was lacking for sure. They would fall in too one of two categories either totally ignored me because they were too busy gossiping with each other or followed me around the store like a hawk like I’m going to steal something.
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  12. Sad, but not at all surprising. The Seattle location is always a ghost town. I often wondered how the store kept the lights on and paid some many sales associates with little to no customers.
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  13. Retail is tough these days. I've never been to a regular Barneys, but I have been to an outlet and it was very junky, mostly brought in merchandise similar to what they sell at TJMaxx (but worse as I do find nice things at TJMaxx for a good price, this Barneys stuff was priced very high for what it was, like cheap PVC bags for $100 that they were promoting as being on sale) and some designer items but out of season/older or unpopular styles still priced pretty high.
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  14. I knew something was wrong when they sent me two $100.00 gift certificates to entice me to buy something. How sad the day of the big department store is coming to an end.
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