Barneys experience????

  1. any of you ladies ordered at Barneys online website? do they charge your cc the same day you place your order or until the item actually ships, i just dont want them to charge my cc until monday if i order today. please help. thanks.;)
  2. In my experience, they charged my card after it was processed and shipped, good luck !
  3. ooh you have to mention what you ordered, of course! :p
  4. i will be ordering the simple pumps 100mm in black patent!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Ooh, great choice! I think that's going to be my next purchase as well!
  6. Excellent choice! Post pics when you get them! :smile:
  7. do these run true size? i am a us 7 or 7.5
  8. You should just call the store and have them send it to you. You'll have a better chance of actually receiving the shoe. The website is not reliable at all. P.S. Great shoe!
  9. I've given up on almost entirely; they don't charge your card until it's shipped but 9 out of 10 times the order gets cancelled (and you have to log in to "My Account" every day to stalk its status). Definitely recommend calling up each store individually and ordering it via charge-send that way.
  10. When I ordered from them, they charged my account right away, then four days later told me they didn't have the item. It took at least four more days after that for them to refund the amount onto my card. Barneys - :yucky:
  11. I agree with the posters here. I have had trouble with trying to order sale items, but not with the regular priced blue suede declic. They do take FOREVER to process and ship orders. FYI, I would stick with calling a store directly because the whole process is faster.
  12. do you think they are available at the stores. i would preferably order from bergdorf goodman so that i dont have to pay taxes, have any of you seen them there lately?