Barneys doing any other cuts?

  1. Is Barneys going to do any further cuts on the sale/clearance items? If so, when?

    Can you preorder for a future cut (if there is one)?
  2. Barney's doesn't usually allow presale, but I think they should have another cut to increase the clearance up to 75% off. It usually happens on a Thursday, so it might be worthwhile to check out this week.
  3. ^ Thanks! I'll stop by tomorrow. :smile:
  4. Darn it - I just bought a bag from there yesterday - but they are shipping it to me. I wonder if I can call on Thursday and see if it would have been marked down further. Do you know what their PA policy is?
  5. I've already ordered 2 sale bags from Barneys and after a week and confirmations and promises of shipment, both were cancelled. I guess I won't bother to look for further sales. :crybaby:
  6. I feel your pain Grace...They did this to me right before Christmas, held my items for a week and promised to ship, then cancelled everything. I just ordered a bag (got an amazing deal-75% off a Derek Lam clutch) on 12/29 and wanted to change my billing address but can't get a hold of anyone. Their customer service # has been busy for 5 days and I emailed them on 12/29...still no response. My order says "preparing to ship" just like the last one so I assume it's cancelled. I figured if I paid their expedited shipping charge of $25 that might get my order moving this time, but nope. I'm really upset with them. If this one gets cancelled, it will be the last order I ever place with them. :tdown:
  7. ^ ugh! That sucks for both of you!

    I hate it when store websites do this!
  8. I ordered a bag from them during the after-Christmas sale, and got cancelled too. I sent them an email, but it's been a week and no answer. I'm guessing they just have a large backlog that they have to go through. Oh well. They had some amazing bargains on bags though, hope some tPFers got some of them!
  9. They will price adjust within a week or so. At least, my SA told me so.
  10. ^ Does your SA know if they will be doing any further discounts on the sale items anytime soon? :smile:
  11. Thanks urbngirl! my bag still hasn't arrived - but hopefully they will still honor it when it arrives...

    I wonder if I should call now and ask