Barney's Dallas stock, Sept. 20

  1. I was there briefly and stumbled across a Violet MU, yay!

    I was with 2 uninterested friends so I had to be quick, but here is a bit of what I remember.

    They had a lot in violet besides the smallest sized wallet, half the size of a mini compagnon or so.

    Jaune: rh work, day, Coin, SGH envelope clutch, SGH day...maybe even more. Lots of Jaune.

    Pine: SGH City, PT SGH, Coin

    SGH Besace....plomb?

    Lots of coins, pine, jaune, ivory, tomato, Ocean, black...

    Lots of F/W collection everywhere, rh, GH and SGH. City, work, WE, firsts, etc...

    SGH Large flat clutches.

    Anyway, sorry my memory is sucking right now, just wanted to list a mini report. My SA is Liza Ruiz, she is fantastic!
  2. thanks
  3. Oh no, this is bad news. I really wanted a jaune accessory. Must restrain myself. Don't have time for a trip to Dallas this weekend anyway, thankfully!
  4. Do you remember seeing any Giant Clutches or Envelope Clutches in Steel SGH? tia
  5. Hi Cracker,

    They had a lot of Envelope clutches and Giant Clutches, too. Sorry to say I don't remember specifically a Steel one, but I'd think there is a good chance they might have them. Maybe ring them up to check. Good luck!
  6. does Barney's accept international orders?
    and how much is the shipping fee?