Barneys Dallas Juane & Violet

  1. Hi ladies, I wanted to let you know that I was at Barneys buying a new weekender and they had a RH City and RH Work in Juane. A GH Brief in Juane and a GH Part-time in Violet.

    Sadly, the GH had taken over the Balenciaga area and the RH only comprised about 20% of the space (I'm a RH fan . . . Love those rockstar tassels!). However, I did find a beautiful RH Camel Weekender and I LOVE it! I'm an attorney and it is perfect for court & it just makes me feel like a fabulous superstar when I'm rockin' it.
  2. You must post pis of it! I love 06 camel, surprised you still found one hanging out there!
  3. Thanks for the info! Too bad they didn't have a violet just might make me call my SA!