Barney's Copley in Boston 9/21

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  1. I went by today and saw several bags. Lots of giant hardware. Here's what I remember:

    Jaune, Violet, and Ocean (BEAUTIFUL!!!) envelope clutches in SGH.

    Coin purses in Tomato, Jaune, Pine and Black. No violet. Wallets in just about every color.

    Lots of giant hardware browns and blacks. Some RH.

    I was there to check out the Jaune coin purse but I didn't like the leather. The Pine coin purse was amazing. TDF!

    The SA I talked to while there was Theresa. She's very nice and knows her Balenciaga. :tup: She also mentioned that they had just seen the S/S '08 colors today so she might know a thing or two about them. :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for posting the info!!:tup: