Final Sale Up To 75% Off

  1. From the SheFinds newsletter:

    Final Sale only at Fawn over fabulous finds from Christian Louboutin, DVF, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Vince, C&C, Lanvin, Miu Miu and more. This is the one sale you do not want to miss.

    Up to 75% Off
  2. when does this start?

    prices look the same as of now...
  3. was in the newsletter that I just received in the early a.m. this morning! The way it was written it appeared to imply new or increased markdowns.
  4. I hate how Barney's keeps tricking me! They always send me these emails about new markdowns and they are all the same :sad:
  5. The last time I tried ordering something from them online it got canceled.. I have heard from the other tPFers that they tend to do that with a lot.

  6. Definetely the same prices, I don't see anything for 75% off
  7. Aww I got really excited and then the prices are the same :p
  8. And no handbags!!