cancelled my order after 12 days

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  1. This is just so odd to me. Their customer service in store is second to none! How can one company differ so greatly from online to in-store??
  2. :shocked: When did it happen? I thought had improved somehow since only three of my orders were cancelled last year and I got the notification within one day. The 12 days one is the only exception.
  3. Maybe Barneys put so much effort on maintaining their in-store service so they have little energy to improve their online system beyond remedy? Or their executives are convinced that they will have nothing to lose if only the customers can have the best in-store experience? :nuts:
  4. remember that barney's online is supplied by the stores -- it does not maintain a separate warehouse. so i can understand how there would be confusion about available inventory since the stores themselves don't exactly know what other stores have. in general i have had better experiences with online stores that maintain a separate inventory from the b&m stores.
  5. I have a new story about the warehouse. Last month I returned something ordered online to my local store. Like saks, barneys used to process a returned online item in store and refund immediately. But that time I was told they have a new return policy that online items returned to the store will also be shipped back to their "warehouse" to process. Unlike NM where the customer can receive a return slip indicating returned item(s) and return time, barneys only gave me a copy of my original receipt, which proves nothing. I was told it was the fastest way to process and I should receive the refund within 5 days. However, four weeks passed and I had not received the refund... I called them several times and finally, yesterday, was told that the refund would appear within 5 days. Okay, 5 more days...:shrugs:
  6. i would try calling the individual barneys stores at their direct numbers. this same exact thing happened to me when i attempted to order my *first ever* pair of Louboutins - received confirmation, heard nothing after a couple of weeks, called and found out it was cancelled . . . come to think of it, it was around this time of year as well! i think maybe around/after the holiday season things get a little disorganized.

    since they've already shown their system is glitchy, the item you're looking for may be floating around in a store somewhere in the system. the only people who would be able to tell you that will be the people physically in the store rather than the online customer service (which is actually a completely different division & inventory management system). not only did i manage to get my shoes, when i got to the store i discovered they'd been marked down further, so i actually paid less than i would have for the online order (^(oo)^)v

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. barneys website customer service is terrible... I remember last sept. I was trying to order a pair of Chloe boots and they cancelled my order for 3times!!!!!!!!! I finally got to order it from the barneys store in ny......but the web customer service lady really drove me crazy...she said she can't hear me when I was verifying my billing address so she thought I'm not using my own cc! but how can you just cancel the order for that reason?????
  8. Yes this same thing has happened to me with Barneys too. I had my heart set on amazing Prada boots, ordered them online and got a confirmation. Two weeks later they cancelled. Customer service said that there is a delay in how fast their online inventory updates itself to indicate an item is sold out. It is disappointing!
  9. Sorry this happened to you. I heard way too many similar stories from girls here on tpf.

    I don't shop online, but I did check just to see what they had, and I believe stock info was false because I was looking for a certain CL shoe that all the SAs I talked to said was sold out in almost every size, but the website said that every size was in stock. I think you should ask some girls here on tpf for SA recs. There are some who will look far and wide for the items you want.

    I could PM you some recs, if you'd like.