cancelled my order after 12 days

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  1. I ordered an item I was dying for on 12 days ago. I received the confirmation email and the system said it was being processed. Almost two weeks passed, but I did not receive a shipment notification either a cancellation email. So I called them and the customer service told me that my order was not updated in their system. About 15 minutes later I received a cancellation notification.

    I understand Barneys does not guarantee items in stock. But they are supposed to let me know within five days if the item is out of stock. And I always get the cancellation emails within 1 day, even a few minutes. In this case they did not notify me until I called them 12 days after. And I saw the item available again one day after I placed my order. I suspect that there was something wrong with their process system so my order was misplaced and the item was put online again as a consequence.

    I was wondering whether anyone has the similar experience with and how you dealt with it or what you would do. It ruined my day because I want that item so badly. :crybaby:

  2. Would try calling customer service & explain your dilemma and frustration.

    Perhaps they can locate the item for you never know..

    things have a way of turning up.. good luck
  3. unfortunately sometimes they're just out of item and this is nothing you can do but just deal with it. like hotshot said, you could try and call and maybe they could locate one for you, but sometimes glitches just happen. i would just tell yourself that it just wasn't meant to be this time!
  4. In my experience, Barneys has the absolute best customer service of any store or company I have ever purchased from. This being said, I would heed the girls' advice above mine and contact CS to see if they can track down your beloved item. They may not be able to, bear in mind. Sometimes things are just out of stock before the store's system updates, and while 12 days is a bit long, it really isn't anyone's fault. For the record, I would be upset, too! Sorry this happened!
  5. Thank you, hotshot, ILuvShopping, and jenaywins.

    I called them again and was told the item was sold out in store as well. I was really frustrated and did not want to believe it since I was counting days to receive it. But now I feel much better after hearing your advice. :hugs:

    Have to say goodbye to my beloved. ♪ You can't always get what you want~ ♫
  6. Lol, such a good attitude, pbvcway! :biggrin:

    I've had the same happen to me, and it definitely is disappointing! Most of the time I find that if I miss out on something that I really wanted, I'll either get it at a better price down the line or something even more fabulous will come my way. I'm sure the same will happen for you!
  7. it is disappointing, but rather common with barneys.
  8. jenaywins - Thanks!:hugs: I'll be eyeing it. And there are so many gorgeous things to score :balloon:

    canada's - :true: They cancel orders a lot. I am fine with cancellations but the bottom line is, keep me informed as you promised! Maybe my expectation with a department store is too high?
  9. I'm sorry that your order got cancelled. What exactly did you order? Maybe NM, or Nordstrom may have the item you want. Hopefully you'll get it cheaper!
  10. barney's website is horrible but the actual store is great! i wouldn't shop at until they revamp the's notoriously unreliable. Next time, if you see something you like, just call up the store.
  11. Barneys charged my VISA THREE times today for one bag (well over $1k each time) and it threw my account into total overdrive. I am just blown away that they did this. Especially after this was the exact same item that I had ordered from their web site and they charged me for that also; then they told me it was "not available" 2 days later. So that makes FOUR charges they put on my VISA account. If three of those are not gone by tomorrow, I am going to scream. Argh.:nuts:
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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    angelnyc89 They are a pair of miu miu sandals. I've been eyeing them for a while. I found them once at NM(?) but they were out of my size. Hope they will turn up somewhere else. Thanks :hugs:

    mielikki55 - I agree. I was a big fan of barneys for their brand and great service in store. But I pretty much relied on since my local stores had a few designer collections. Now I will consider some other sites.

    mmmsc - Oh my... Is the world not crazy enough? Three of those charges will be gone very soon! And enjoy your bag worth 4k something;)
  13. Next time, I would call Barneys direct and order via telephone with a real rep; their site, not unlike Saks, is notoriously unreliable! And if it's a sale item, honey forget it! I'm lucky to literally work right next door to a Barneys. Or maybe unlucky......? ;)
  14. I will try Barneys direct next time. Thanks jenaywins.:flowers:

    WOoo:huh:, your neighbor Barneys makes your office a wonderland~;)
  15. I have had this same thing happen to me. One order I lost track of time and it was actually almost 2 1/2 weeks before I realized I hadn't heard anything. I called and was informed that they had cancelled the order. I had not received notificaiton on it and in fact never received written notification.

    That was the longest it took to find out that something was cancelled, but I bet I've had 10-12 orders with them cancelled. Most of the time I get the notification with 4-5 days.