Barneys Co-Op and Jimmy Choo (NOW OPEN in DC ) FYI

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  1. The Collection at Chevy Chase, 5471-5481 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase. Barneys Co-Op (301-634-4061); Jimmy Choo (240-223-1102).

    If you asked someone last week what D.C. was known for in terms of fashion, they would likely have told you navy blue heels and government I.D. badges.
    Ask someone this week, however, and they might just say crocodile stilettos and Trovata tops.
    Why the change? Because Barneys Co-Op and Jimmy Choo are both now open at The Collection at Chevy Chase. And you know what that means: in the former case, heretofore-hard-to-find lines like Daryl K, 3.1 Philip Lim, Goldsign, and Steven Alan; in the latter, swanky shoes, boots, and bags.
    The merch is just the beginning. Both interiors are unlike others in town. Barneys incorporates old refrigerators, recycled woods, recycled rubber tire flooring, six-foot cat shaped bird cage (no birds, though!), a real fire hydrant, murals, and ceramic animals. Jimmy Choo looks like a dressing room, with velvet and ultrasuede upholstery, crystal chandeliers, and satin walls. Step inside either and you may wonder if you’re really still in D.C. But don’t worry about getting too disoriented.
    That I.D. badge around your neck should bring you back to reality in no time.


    Coutesy of DC
  2. I love DC. I was there in March visiting a friend who is a reporter for an all-news radio station. There is a lot to see and do there, and the Northern Virginia area is very pretty.
  3. I cannot wait to visit The Collection at Chevy Chase. Finally, some semblance of style in DC!!! The Saks is really nice too, nicer than the one in Tyson's Corner, VA.
  4. Wow - it figures that once I moved back home to NY (I was in law school at Gtown) all of the good stores got to DC!
  5. Yeah, FendiBagLady ... same here. Worked in DC for a number of years and had to 'suffer' the lack of cool clothing/accessories.

    It's great to hear that Barney's and Jimmy Choo are opened up, but what the heck happened to the M + Wisconsin shopping area in G'Town? Last time I was there, it looked like a ghost town (so many of the store in G'Town Park had been closed!). :sad2:
  6. poeple have nothing better to do i see......::smile:
  7. Thank you!!!