barneys Chicago Twiggy Colors

  1. Hey all,

    Just got off the phone with them. They only have 3 colors available....cornflower, lilac, and a camel brown color.

    UGH I'm sooo close to having the money saved up (hubby transferred some money to my bag fund this morning gotta love him).

    I wanna drive to chicago right now!!!! lol
  2. The cornflower is really beautiful in the twiggy:yes:
  3. I wanna go soooooooo badly!!!!! I have $250 more to go...but I should be reasonable...I'm moving next week and I know that all sorts of weird unexpected expenses are going to pop up (just spend 3K on furniture last week alone....and still have a LOT more to buy)!!!
    I personally say to heck with paint and a purse lol
  4. You are probably going to hate me for telling you this, but if you get approved for a Barney's charge you get 10% off the purchase.
  5. lol oh no!!! does it have to be approved the same day of purchase and you have to use the card??
    I'm going crazy with lusting after the dang twiggy (which is kind of funny BTW because my cat is named twiggy...and my screen name is a variation of twiggy lol)
  6. :lol: You are too cute! Cant wait 'till you get your new Twiggy. Keep us posted;)
  7. Thanks...I definitely will!!! I don't think I can hold out until fall colors come out (plus there's an excuse to buy another one!)
  8. What they do is they approve you on the spot and then they put the purchase right on the new Barney's account less the 10%. Its actually a pretty good deal- when you get the bill, you can pay it off and either close the account or keep it for future mischief :devil:

    I have also seen the cornflower blue and if I did not already have an ink bag I would get something in that color. The color looks like a ceylon sapphire... gorgeous.