Barneys Chicago stock as of 10/28

  1. RH Plomb Day
    GH Pine Day
    GH Black Hobo
    GH Juane, Violet, Black, Pine City
    Juane, Violet coin purse
  2. Do they have the ggh daybag or gsh??
    Please let me know.:nuts:
  3. What color are you looking for? I was just at a Barney's.
  4. omg violet coin purse I NEED!!

    I will call as soon as they open! or would emailing now be better?
  5. Does anyone know what the price is for a GH Day?
  6. The daybag gh is $1245.- and the color I am looking for in a day is Pine GGH.
    Did you see any??
  7. OMG OMG, ....I just callled Barneys Chicaga and they told me that they have a
    bright Vert Gazon Partime with gold there??????:wtf:
    It is from this year earlier in the season, so it must be the VG???
    I might get the stock number...:nuts:

    Is it possible???
    I told them to hold it and maybe I will just buy it and have it sent to me to check.
    If it is that bag, I will definatley keep it.

  8. The only Pine Day that I saw had SGH.

    It is possible that they still have a VG, though I would have them take pics and email them to you. The SA could very well be mistaken. That is not uncommon! It would be a waste of time and a disappointment to receive the wrong bag!
  9. I don't believe I have ever seen a vert gazon part time with giant gold hardware. That would be pretty cool!!!
  10. Did they make a pt in vert gazon with ggh??
    Hope it is a VG....??:nuts:
  11. I don't remember seeing one, though I am sure that they did. But just have the SA take a pic and email it to you. Then the mystery will be solved!
  12. Well the bag was not on the floor, they had it put away and that`s why nobody
    saw it, for a while I quess.:p

    The SA went to check on it, he told me that it was the only one in the whole co.
    and described it as a medium green -not olive or light green.

    It can``t be the vert eau either, must be vert Gazon....:nuts:
    And it does have gh on it.
    Part time would be a score...:smile:
  13. Did anyone get anything in Violet today? I just called, but was told that they didn't have any Violet for a while! :confused1: I REALLY want a violet coin purse! ...sniff....
    But the SA mentioned that they got some green and black in today....
  14. I know, I tried for a violet coin purse today too :sad:
    maybe it is just not meant to be :sad:
  15. Here is a picture of Crackers VG PT w/ GGH - Gorgeous!