Barney's Chicago ... Lots of Beautiful Bags Today!!

  1. I was at Barney's in Chicago today and they sure had some pretty bags today!! Let's see what I can remember ....

    Lots of GH bags:

    Aqua Hobo
    Cafe Hobo
    Black Hobo - almost completely smooth leather on this

    Marine, Cafe, Vert Gazon, Aqua and White in either City or Part Time

    White Brief
    Black Brief (someone bought this while I was there)

    Sandstone Day

    Regular HW:

    a City in either Griege or Natural but I'm pretty sure it was Griege - I went back to check and it was GONE

    Cafe Brief
    Vert Gazon Brief

    some Work bags in I'm guessing Truffle and Marron and a bunch of different styles I am not that familiar with - Whistle bags, etc.

    Oh! and two Linen ??? bags - one was Cafe

    also three Coin Purses:

    White (a beautiful WHITE white)

    all three were gorgeous!

    OK, that's all I can remember :p
  2. Thanks girlie for the update. :heart:
  3. They had a Sandstone GH Day?

  4. yep :yes:

    it was really pretty too, I thought!
  5. God I don't want to shop there but THAT is the bag I want.

    Did it have nice leather? TIA!!!

  6. I thought it was Beautiful! :yes:
    BUT ... I LIKE my bags veiny and shiney ... maybe Distressed (wrinkled) is a better way to describe this one ... I still think it was Beautiful!!

    If you go/call there, ask for Karyn (pronounced CAR-en)
    tell her Victoria that bought the White bbags recommended her! She has always been really nice to me!
  7. Awww... how cute would an Aqua coin purse be??...... Hmmm...

    Thanks for the heads up!! ;)

  8. It was really nice! This is the first time I have seen this color IRL and I was surprised how much I actually liked it!
    Especially the GH Hobo :drool:
  9. wow, looks like they got some bags since I was there on Thursday. They had a GH city in aqua, but the hobo was cafe, black & white.... maybe I need to make another trip?
  10. How would you describe the color sandstone?

  11. No White Hobo today ... but that Aqua one was :drool:

  12. hmmm ... it was really just a Tan color - I think it has the same depth as Greige only no grey at all just Beige/Tan - does that make any sense?
  13. I have a Sandstone part-time and I think it is more of a taupe color.

    I feel like it is a very perfect neutral although NOT tan.

    I really don't like tan bags because I tend to think they are boring. This neutral seems to have grey in it.
  14. Thanks for the update!!! I saw a linen PT~ it was black linen with choc brown trim with silver hardware! I flipped for it BIG TIME!!! I forgot about it until you mentioned you saw linen bags!!!! Now I'm going to run down and look at it again.
  15. Thanks for the update, Queenvictoria2!:flowers: