Barney's Chicago has new F/W colors

  1. Hello ladies~I just got back from downtown..
    I saw maltelasse clutch? pouch there.
    It is $945 in black and one black make up clutch, cinnamon frist, city with SH,Plomb,olive, blue (it was between blue india with navy mixed )

    They have two GH flat hobo...I think it was cinnamon and BI looking color..(I tried and strap wasn't long enough for me.:sad:)
    one red coin, red money wallet..cannot remember all..
    They have some GH sandstone & SGH hobo style..(cinnamon,plomb)
  2. Hey! I just got back from there also! :p

    Don't ya just love shopping in this weather :yucky:
  3. Thanks for posting. I can't believe you were out in this sucky weather, I thought about it but this weather ruins my mood
  4. I know :smile: weather was depressing~so I went out to shopping and after stopped by buffalo joe's in
    Evanston had some wings for lunch~~
  5. I LOVE Buff Joe's!!!
  6. Hi Chicago ladies! Just being overly optimistic but you didnt happen to see anything in aquamarine did you? Any blues left at all?
  7. I didn't see anything out in that color at all and I couldn't find a SA to ask if they had anything in back either :cursing:

    any other time they are swarming all over the place in there!! go figure!
  8. ^ You may want to try Shelly in the shoe department next time. Even though she is in shoes she gets my bags for me all the time.
  9. I gave them a call and an SA told me they were all out of Aquamarine but did have a fall color in. She didn't have the actual color name; said the bag was just coded "blue". It's a city with giant nickel hardware and from the description she gave over the phone I'm thinking maybe it's the Ocean? Maybe I'll take a run down over lunch one day this week and check it out. Gosh, I love that aquamarine though...
  10. ^^^ I am just sitting here kicking myself for not buying one on eBay earlier today!!! a gorgeous City, from a member too!