Barney's Chicago and Bal Dubai?

  1. Barney's Chicago: Anyone visit recently? I'm curious to see if they got the '08s in. I've heard not so great reviews about their merchandise and SAs. I've never shopped their Bbags so I'm hesitant about schlepping into the city to look at the bags if I'm gonna be treated rudely.

    Bal Dubai: After a brief stint in Chicago, I'm headed towards Dubai on my way to India and since I've never been to a Bal store, I figure I should stop by and check out the goods there. I've read on previous posts that the prices are a bit higher but I just wanted to know how much higher. Also, what's the store like?

  2. ^ I don't know what they have but ask for Shelly in shoes and she will go get what you want. She is a doll!
  3. hey there, my friend just messaged me and said that the Bal boutique here in Dubai received the pink and olive colors! I don't know how much they've got but I think they're going to sell out very quickly!
  4. Ask for Nanette at Barney's chicago- the customer service really isn't so great with other SA's I've interacted with, but Nanette has always been willing to help me out and show me bags. I have to say, though, that I feel like the leather on their bags, at least lately, has been really dry and veiny. :sad: So make sure you see the bags in person. Haven't been in a few weeks, so I dunno what their stock is, although last time I was there they didn't have the new colors, only the two-toned ones, but they did have some '06 colors (grenat, truffle) that they'd pulled out.
  5. 08 colors are in. I just spoke to one of SA's in Chicago store and confirmed that Bubble Gum is in. They should have other colors as well, but I haven't checked since I specifically inquired about BG.
  6. I was at Barney's Chicago this past weekend and the only 08 color I saw was
    a Vert Thyme work with GGH.
  7. My experience with Barney's is that they have a lot of larger bags (which I am not interested in being 5'3") and that they have a lot of bags with GH. AGain, I am a RH kind of gal. But it has been a while since I have been there. I would love to hear about your experience in Dubai. Please post if you get a chance.