Barney's Chestnut Hill has 1 ROUGE VIF!

  1. If anyone is looking for the ROUGE VIF in the first Barney's in Chestnut Hill, MA has only one! I just got back! I put my name down so they'd call me if when they get it in the city or work! I'm so happy I got to see the color IRL!!! It's gorgeous! Like aaalla said- it looks just like red lipstick!:heart:
  2. ohhh is it really bright red like the picture, L?
  3. Yes! It's really pretty!!! When I saw it I said, "I thought you weren't getting the rouge vif in!" and he said, " I just had someone call here a minute ago saying the same thing." It must had been someone on the PF! LOL
  4. Thanks for the heads up, it sounds like such a pretty color!
  5. What would you say the undertone is on it? blueish or more orange? I'm dying to see on IRL!
  6. zac, i only saw red IRL in wallet. was first leather smoooshy? (and even if it was or was not, i know know there is no guaranty for other styles in same color!!!!!!but i am curious.:cool: )
  7. chauss- I wouldn't say it was "smooshy". It wasn't bad- you still can't compare it to the older leather. The color was very pretty- it didn't have the marble/veiny look to it. I think I'm going to buy it but in the city-I just love the color.
  8. avery- I don't know!!! Does someone else know how to describe it?
  9. It really is a true red...slightly more blue than orange...but really a true red...
  10. Can't wait to see PF pics of it! I LOVE 05 Rouge and would like to see how it compares to 06 Rouge VIF
  11. yippy, i'm so happy another PFer agreed with my comparison :smile:

    p.s. and there aren't any blue or orange undertones gals!!!
  12. and ^^
    Thanks--good to know.
  13. I'm leaving work RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT ... why are they not calling me!?!?!?!?!
  14. ^^^ Sounds like you're getting it CeeJay!!! RUN!!!! Give us the update of what's in stock when you get back!!!
  15. OMG, poor CeeJay, what's wrong w/those SA's over there (?) :blink: